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VPNs are becoming more prevalent in today’s world, where governments and ISPs can snoop n you and penalize you for your personal choices.

Finding the right VPN for your needs and circumstances can be tricky, but that’s where VPNPro.net comes in!

We’ve reviewed all of the best VPNs on the market so you can see which VPN is right for you!

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There is no question that VPN reviews are more in demand than ever. Finding the most accurate VPN reviews of 2023 on the internet is vital, but it’s not easy.

Our reviews will include all the major features, pros and cons of the different VPNs.

Since security and privacy are so vital these days, using the internet almost always necessitates the use of a VPN service. It’s much more critical if you’re connecting in a public place, such as a coffee shop or library.

Because getting the right information is so important, our main focus is to provide honest VPN reviews that you will find useful. We are able to provide you with the correct information thanks to our expert VPN review team.

So, without further hesitation, let’s dive in and see what our VPN review service can do for you.

VPN reviews

What is a VPN

A VPN is software that you install on your phone, laptop, or desktop computer. It secures your internet connection by encrypting it on the run.

If you visit a non-secure website, the VPN will keep your internet connection secure. A hacker, for example, will not be able to tap into your computer and take your credit card and other data if you are using a public wireless network.

A VPN service is vital, especially in this day and age of illegal hacking, invasion of privacy, and tracking of your online activities. We can’t emphasize this enough: with a VPN service, you’re secure, and without one, you’re putting yourself at more risk online.

How Does a VPN Work

You are no doubt curious about how VPN services function. We clarify this topic in many of our VPN reviews of the top VPNs out there, but we’ll do a brief recap here.

VPN services function by establishing a connection between your computer and a secure server – anywhere in the world.

The tunnel to and from that server encrypts all of your internet activities. You may stream files, make cloud backups, access websites, download movies, and play games with confidence that your internet activity is secure.

Why Do You Need a VPN

This is a vital topic to ask yourself, and if it’s your first time, you’ve come to the right place for answers. There are numerous reasons why you should use a VPN service, but here are the most compelling ones.

The decision to use a VPN service is essentially based on your individual comfort level with disclosing personal information, web browsing patterns, and financial information. You are revealing your location and the websites you visit if you do not use a VPN service. This includes website owners, advertisers, and even government authorities.

When you utilize a VPN service, your personal information is obscured. When you provide a date of birth, a credit card number, or an address to register for a new app, for example, the VPN encrypts and secures that data so that it cannot be stolen.

The VPN service does this by securing the actual connection, which is the most common attack point for hackers. The VPN service operates in the background at all times, ensuring that your data is not compromised and that your identity and anonymity are always protected.

Why read our VPN reviews

Why read our VPN reviews

So now that you’ve decided to use a VPN, how do you know which one to choose? This is where we can help.

By reading our VPN reviews you will learn the strengths and weaknesses of each VPN service. You’ll always find something new and informative in every VPN review we provide on our site.

Our major purpose is to provide VPN reviews that target the specific issue you are interested in. As a result, you’ll find VPN reviews of individual services, comparisons between services, and even a Best for… section.

What features do we look at

In order to ensure that we provide the best VPN reviews possible, we look at the bigger picture. So, let’s find out which features we look at when recommending a VPN.

You might think of a VPN service as simply a way to secure your internet connection, and that is indeed largely what it does. At the end of the day, the VPN service establishes a connection between you and a remote server keeping all of your information away from prying eyes.

However, after you sign up for a VPN and begin using it, you will realize that it comes with a slew of added functions. Several VPN providers, for example, include a free ad blocker as part of the overall package.

There is also a malware blocker available in select circumstances. This prevents you from inadvertently downloading a malware application, which could infect your computer.

Other aspects to consider include the number of countries and servers, the number of devices the VPN can be used on, bandwidth constraints, and the usability of the interface.

Some of the most popular and best VPN services even go above and beyond, which is something we discuss in individual VPN reviews. In the sections below, we look more closely at some of the most important features we consider in our VPN reviews.

Which Security Protocols Are Supported

This is another frequently asked question. However, before you begin using a VPN service, you need to know a little about the different security protocols.

There is no doubt that most people use a VPN service because of the added protection provided. Now, every VPN service encrypts your connection, protecting you from hacking and giving you more privacy and anonymity when you surf.

However, many VPN services, allow you to choose the security protocol you want to use for the connection. A great VPN service provides versatility by allowing you to enable the protocol of your choice.

It should also allow you to run a speed test, and choose whether to use a different protocol. The distinction is that some are protocols are faster but less secure, while others are slower but more secure.

Why Does The Number of Servers Matter

When it comes to VPN services, the number of servers available is really important. That’s why we always include it in our VPN reviews, and we’ll explain why here.

The number of servers you can connect to is critical. Some lesser-known VPN services only have a few hundred servers, while the best VPN services usually provide several thousand.

For example, CyberGhost has around 6,600 servers available worldwide. This means that no matter where you live, you can consistently find a safe connection.

Having a high server count also boosts the utility of the VPN service. This is because it makes it easier to connect to and utilize a remote server to avoid any country or regional restrictions in your location.

You can also experiment. If you connect to one server and test the speed and find it to be slower than expected, you can always switch to another server to check if it delivers greater bandwidth.

In fact, the majority of the top VPN providers have over 1,000 servers available for testing. Asa result we also include server count in our individual VPN reviews.

Why Does The Number of Countries Matter

Why does the number of countries matter

Before moving on, there is one other thing you should know about VPN services: they are not all the same. In particular, this has an impact on another important feature — the number of countries that are available through the VPN service.

But why is the number of countries important? It’s important because it has an impact on the geographical distribution of the VPN servers.

So, we make sure that we look at the overall number of countries for several reasons. If you want to travel and wish to connect safely from a faraway location, being able to connect to a server nearby is a plus.

A VPN with servers in a larger number of countries also means you’ll be able to readily connect to a wider range of media streaming or download services.

So, in our VPN reviews, we don’t just look at the number of servers that a VPN service has available. We also look at the number of countries and territories that those servers are located in.

How Does a VPN Affect Your Streaming

Many people prefer to utilize a VPN service to protect their media streaming. It can even make media streaming services available that would not have been available otherwise.

Take notion that VPN might slow down your internet connection due to encryption and routing of internet traffic, but not that much that it effects on the streaming.

Because a VPN service establishes a secure connection to a remote server, the streaming site will be unaware of your precise location. Some media streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, are known to restrict VPN services.

For each VPN review, we check which streaming sites the VPN can unblock, and which it has trouble with.

Our primary goal is to provide you with trustworthy VPN reviews. To that end, we test out each VPN service on a number of features.

These include the features discussed above. In addition, we look at pricing plans and value for money for the services offered,


VPN services have both advantages and disadvantages. Although overall we believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, we cover both aspects in our VPN reviews.

This means that when you read our VPN reviews, you’ll get the whole picture of the service it provides. Check out our lists of recommended VPN services and get safe online today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The best VPN service depends quite a lot on your personal needs and preferences. Some top VPN services include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark. Read our reviews to find out more!

VPNs are mostly safe to use, as they encrypt internet traffic and hide your IP address. This way they provide a higher level of online privacy and security. But it's important to research and choose a reputable VPN provider with a strong privacy policy to ensure your data is protected. Read our reviews to find out the VPN of your needs.

Yes, sometimes. Using a VPN can slow down internet speed because of encryption and routing of internet traffic. But the slowdown can vary quite a lot and it depends on several factors like server location and VPN provider.
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