Best VPN for iPhone

The iOS operating system is touted as one of the safest around, but that doesn’t mean it’s impenetrable. 

Being on the go opens you up to more risks than ever before, so you should take the necessary steps to protect your iPhone. 

So, let’s take a look at the best VPNs for iPhone and iOS devices to crank your security up a notch!

Best VPNs for iPhone 2022

Are you looking for a VPN to use with your iPhone? We know which VPN's to use for your iPhone privacy!

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Overview of the best VPNs for iPhone in 2022

When you’re not using a VPN on your iPhone, your data is being sent back and forth without any extra encryption. 

This means that your internet service provider or mobile operator can see the sites that you’re accessing, and hackers can steal your unencrypted data using simple honeypot attacks. 

On top of the added security benefits, a VPN for iPhone will also allow you to unlock more streaming content when you’re on the go and away from home.

So getting a VPN for iPhone is incredibly important, especially if you love to use your iPhone when you’re out and about. 

That’s why we’ve put our time and energy into testing out all of the best VPNs for iPhone, and here they are!

What makes a VPN for iPhone the best?

What makes a VPN for iPhone the best?

Now you know what the best VPNs for iPhone are, it’s time to take a look at what makes a VPN for iPhone better than others. 

There are quite a few factors to take into account here, and some may apply to your needs, and some may not. 

But, generally speaking, it’s imperative to find an iPhone VPN that ticks all of these boxes as you’ll be getting the best security, freedom and privacy for your money. 


Encryption is incredibly important for your privacy and security. 

If you’ve got weak encryption on your connection, then you may as well not be using a VPN for iPhone. 

The best VPNs for iPhone will use a 256-bit AES encryption key. 

This is pretty standard and will be found on virtually all VPNs for iPhone, but there are a few VPNs out there that don’t use this. 

VPNs will also tout 256-bit AES encryption as military grade, but in fact it’s the global standard for encryption – you’re even using it right now to read this article. 

If the encryption that a VPN is using is weaker than 256-bit, then it will take a hacker less time to decipher the key and unlock your data packets. 

Speed and server location

The best iPhone VPNs will have a huge server list in hundreds of countries around the world. 

This gives you more choice and freedom when it comes to picking a location for your traffic to appear on the world wide web. 

Whether you want to access another region’s streaming content, get around government firewalls or simply unblock a site that’s blocked by your system administrator, choice is key. 

If one server location doesn’t cut it, then you need to have the ability to quickly change to another. Also, the hardware in these servers is also important. 

Outdated hardware will mean that speeds are slower, resulting in a spotty connection or the dreading spinning wheel of doom when you try to load up a webpage. 

The best iPhone VPNs will have a barrage of server locations and the best hardware to ensure that your VPN connection is blazing fast! Check out the fastest VPNs here!

Automatic kill switch

If you’re trying to keep your connection as secure as possible, you don’t want the connection to continue if your VPN drops. 

This is why finding an iPhone VPN that has an automatic kill switch is imperative. 

The best iPhone and iOS VPNs will automatically detect when your VPN connection drops and they’ll pause your internet connection. 

This prevents your true IP address from showing and it keeps your data completely secure. 

While this can be a bit frustrating, especially if you’re gaming online, it’s a major factor in keeping yourself safe and secure. 

Besides, the best VPNs for iPhone will drop the VPN connection far less frequently than some of the less reputable ones out there. 

Listen to other users

App store rating manipulations can be tricky to spot, but if the reviews are harder to fake. 

Let’s say you want an iPhone VPN to unblock American Netflix, you need to know that it’s going to work. 

So, check out what other users have to say in the App store in the review section for each VPN. 

This will give you a clear indication as to whether a certain feature is currently working or not, and if it’s broken, the developer will often reply with a solution or a date for a patch to be released. 

Knowledge is power and listening to the community is a fantastic way to see what it’s really like as an end user without having to fork out cash! 

Fortunately for you, we here at keep our reviews up to date, so you can get all the information and reviews in one easy and convenient location!

Love the coffee shop? You need to protect your iPhone!

If you love to be out and about, using your iPhone on the go, then you should really consider getting yourself a VPN. 

A VPN encrypts your data that’s sent over the internet. 

In a world where creating a fake Wi-Fi network at the coffee shop is as simple as tapping a couple of buttons, you can’t be too careful. 

If your iPhone connects to one of these fake honeypot networks, it’s game over for all of your unencrypted data. 

Or perhaps you just like to watch the latest series on Netflix from a different region while you sip your chai latte. 

By using an iPhone VPN, you’re protecting your data and able to watch the shows you love without limits. 

iPhone browsers don’t encrypt your browsing data, meaning that your ISP or cell provider can see a great deal of what you’re up to. 

Sure, they can’t see the exact content and the content of your messages, but they can see the domains you’re visiting. 

Using an iPhone VPN protects you from this snooping and puts your privacy back in your hands. 

What is the best free VPN for iPhone?

When it comes to protecting your privacy and data, you can never be too careful. 

At, we spend a lot of time testing VPNs for iPhone based on a tight set of critera. 

As a result, a lot don’t make it through, and these tend to be the free VPNs. 


When a product or service is free, you’re more often than not the product. 

This means that a lot will store troves of your data and sell it on to 3rd parties. 

Now, most of the best iPhone VPNs will have a free trial so that you can test out the service and see if it matches up with your needs and demands. 

Some of the VPN free trials will come with no data cap or bandwidth limitations, meaning you can get a real taste of what life with that VPN will be like.

Isn’t an iPhone secure without a VPN?

A lot of people presume that iPhones and Apple are totally secure and unhackable, but that’s a common myth. 

In fact, the reason that people believe this is that hackers preferred to target Windows machines as there were more of them out in the wild. 

If you could create a virus for Windows, you’d be able to target the majority of computer users.

As a result, iOS users get complacent. 

And while iOS does have a certain degree of security built in, such as end-to-end encryption for certain features, it’s not deployed on all apps and browsers. 

So if you want to be completely secure using your iPhone, you should consider using a VPN, even if it’s just to encrypt your web data. 

Is an iPhone VPN dangerous?

For the most part, all VPNs are totally secure and safe to use. 

Free VPNs can be a bit risky, as like we mentioned earlier, if a service is free, you’re the product. 

But if you’re using one of the best iPhone VPNs, it’s totally safe and will increase your privacy and security online. 

Most iPhone VPNs come with split tunneling, allowing you to select which apps use the VPN and which don’t, as well as automatic kill switches. 

This makes your iPhone safer and more secure than ever before!

How to install VPN on iPhone

How to install VPN on iPhone

iPhones give you some really great options when it comes to using a VPN, and one of those is manual configuration. But ohw to manually configure VPN on iPhone?

So, if you don’t want to download an app, you can manually set up a VPN connection from your iPhone’s settings menu. 

This gives you the same level of protection as using the app, just without so many frilly features. 

If you want to manually configure a VPN on your iPhone, you can follow these steps. 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap VPN & Device Management
  4. Tap VPN
  5. Tap Add VPN Configuration
  6. Tap Type
  7. Select your VPN type (IKEv2, IPSec, or L2TP)
  8. Go back and enter VPN description, server and remote ID. 
  9. Tap User Authentication
  10. Select if you want to use a Username of Certificate to validate your connection. 
  11. Go back and enter either your username and password or attach the certificate
  12. Tap Done
  13. Under VPN configurations, toggle the switch on.

That’s it. 

It’s a really simple process and takes a few seconds to set up if you’ve got all the information to hand. 

How can I enable a VPN connection on my iPhone?

When you’ve got your iPhone VPN set up and ready to go, you’ve got a couple of choices as to how you can enable the VPN connection. 

You can either head back into the device VPN settings through the General menu in Settings and then toggle the connection on or off. 

You can use this method if you’re using an app or opted for the manual installation. 

If you are using an iPhone VPN app, you can also opt to open this app and use the VPN’s user interface, which is often as simple as pressing a big power button. 

Can I track VPN data usage on my iPhone?

Can I track VPN data usage on my iPhone?

As of iOS 15, you are able to track how much data your iPhone VPN is using. 

This wasn’t possible on earlier versions of iOS, so relish in the fact that you can now access this data. 

To see how much data your iPhone VPN is using, simply head to Settings, Mobile Data and then scroll down until you see your VPN application. 

If you’re using a manually installed VPN, this will be under System Services, which will show up as a category using mobile data. 

You can click on this category and see all the types of system services using data, including your manually configured VPN. 

Get the best iPhone VPN today!

Taking your iPhone security to the next level is quick, easy, and simple. 

There are lots of different types of iPhone VPNs available, but if you stick to the best, you’ll have a great experience and your data will be in safe hands. 

Obviously, some VPNs may not suit your needs, but others will fit like a glove. So do take the time to research and pick the best iPhone VPN for your needs. 

Fortunately, we’ve made it simple for you, giving you all the information and data you could possibly need in one place.  Go and take back your privacy! And in case you’re an Android user, check out our list of Best VPNs for Androids!

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