How to change Netflix region – Complete guide

How to change region on Netflix is a frequently asked question, but the answer is simple: use a VPN. However, not all VPNs can properly adjust your Netflix region so that you can access content from other countries. Fortunately, there are VPNs that provide consistent Netflix access.

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The question of how to change Netflix region has become the most pressing concern for many people. That’s because Netflix is available in over 190 different countries (basically everywhere except China, North Korea, Syria, and the disputed territory of Crimea).

That means that if you are a Netflix member, you may watch films and TV shows from almost anywhere in the world. There is, however, a catch.

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Some content is only available in specific countries due to the contracts Netflix has with television and film studios. This means that the movies and TV shows you enjoy in your native country may not be available when you connect from overseas. And this is exactly why many users look to find out how to change Netflix region quickly, easily, and securely.

Fortunately, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can trick Netflix into believing you’re in another region, allowing you to view this material. When you link to a VPN server in a different country, the server spoofs your area by allocating a new IP address to your device.

This gives the impression that your device is connecting from within that country. Therefore, if you’re an American visiting France, you can make it appear as if you never left the USA.

The methods for how to change Netflix region or country are simple and take only a few minutes. You’ll be binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows once more in no time.

But be aware that Netflix also tries to block VPNs very actively. So there’s no guarantee.

This method should also work with other popular streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, and many others.

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How to change Netflix region: A step-by-step guide

Learning how to change Netflix region is actually relatively straightforward, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Subscribe to Netflix if you haven’t already
  • Download, install and sign in to your preferred VPN provider. We recommend NordVPN because of its low prices, quick connection speeds, and vast global server coverage.
  • Connect to a server in the country from which you want to access Netflix content.
  • Log in to the Netflix service, either through your computer’s browser or using the Netflix app on another device.
  • Enjoy the show with a box of Jujubes.

TIP: Most VPN providers include a money-back guarantee, allowing you to test their services risk-free. Simply sign up for a VPN service, such as NordVPN, which provides a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. Give it a shot, and if the VPN isn’t perfect for you, you may request a refund before the 30 days are over.

The following 5 VPNs showed their worth during comprehensive testing. They are the best VPNs for changing your Netflix region. So, if you are looking to find out how to change Netflix region then this is the way you can go about it:


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If you want to know how to change Netflix region this is the go-to option. NordVPN provider provides consistent access to Netflix servers in the United States, Canada, Japan, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, and Italy.

NordVPN’s global server network includes over 5,200 servers spread across 59 countries. A support page provides information on the best Netflix servers to use.

NordVPN’s connection speeds are fast enough to allow for flawless viewing of HD material. Because there are no data constraints or bandwidth limitations, you can stream for as long as you like.

Military-grade encryption safeguards your online activities from prying eyes. If you lose connection to NordVPN’s servers, kill switch protection prevents your connection location from being disclosed.



ExpressVPN offers an excellent all-purpose VPN service for getting sorted when undergoing the process of how to change your Netflix region. The service provider delivers fast connection speeds, strong app support, and a huge global server network that allows easy access to Netflix.

ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers in 94 countries across the world. Its connection speeds are excellent, effortlessly supporting Netflix’s HD and 4K HDR streaming.

The company never imposes bandwidth limits or data quotas. This means that you can watch your favorite TV series and movies with unlimited bandwidth.

Government-grade encryption and a kill switch option should alleviate any concerns you may have about your online actions being exposed. The service also does not keep track of its clients’ online activities.

You can remain completely anonymous by using a temporary email address in conjunction with the provider’s Bitcoin payment option.


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Another great option when figuring out how to change Netflix region is Surfshark. This service provider offers Netflix content from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Japan, and other countries.

Surfshark’s global server count of 3,200+ servers in 64+ countries is more than double what it was just a few months ago. Its connection speeds are capable of handling HD content and, in most cases, 4K streaming. However, your results may vary depending on location and device.

This provider’s connections are likewise securely safeguarded, with high-level encryption and a kill switch added as an extra layer of security. In addition to adding ad tracker blocking, malware, and phishing protection, is also included.


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This VPN service provides dependable Netflix region switching with streaming-dedicated servers in multiple locations. This makes it a great way for beginners to learn how to change Netflix region quickly. It offers HD and 4K connection rates as well as enough simultaneous connections for a movie-loving household.

CyberGhost’s global server network consists of over 6,900 servers spread over 89 countries. This comprises streaming-only servers in the United States, Brazil, Canada, Japan, India, France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Austria.

The provider’s connection speeds are more than capable of handling anything Netflix throws at them, including HD and 4K movies. Your online actions are kept private thanks to kill switch protection and banking-grade encryption.

Privacy is also not an issue, given CyberGhost’s absence of server logs and Bitcoin membership payment options.



PrivateVPN provides 4K-capable connections and dependable Netflix access. Netflix-accessible servers are available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, and many more countries. This enables people around the world to have the ability to discover how to change Netflix region.

Certainly, the service’s overall server count of 200+ is significantly lower than that of many other providers. However, PrivateVPN does an excellent job of spreading them around, with servers located in 60 countries around the world.

Monthly data limitations or bandwidth constraints do not apply to the provider’s HD and 4K-capable connections. They are also safeguarded by government-grade encryption and kill switches.

Things to Know Before Using VPNs to change Netflix regions

Netflix actively strives to prevent its subscribers from using a VPN to access material from regions other than the one to which they have subscribed. The service does not do this to be annoying, but rather to fulfill contractual duties.

So, if you want to change Netflix region, you need to bear this in mind. Netflix has gotten rather effective at recognizing when a viewer is using a VPN connection to access its sites.

When it detects a VPN service’s IP address, Netflix adds it to a blacklist, preventing access to its streaming servers. The impacted VPN provider then assigns new IP addresses to their customers.

This will restore Netflix access — at least until Netflix recognizes the new IPs and the game restarts. However, this is why you should sign up for a VPN service that has the capacity and willingness to continue this online whack-a-mole game.

The providers listed above have demonstrated the resources and commitment to continue their back-and-forth game with Netflix. This is one of the reasons they’re on this list.

Can I use Free VPN for Changing My Netflix Region?

To begin with, we cannot recommend using a free VPN for any form of online activity. We are even more opposed to using a free provider when learning how to change Netflix region, especially regularly.

Free VPNs are notable for limiting their users’ online activities by slowing connections and imposing monthly usage caps. Streaming video is a data-intensive pastime, and it doesn’t take long for a user to exhaust most free VPN bandwidth allowances.

As previously stated, Netflix and other streaming services are skilled at stopping VPN users from accessing their servers and figuring out how to change Netflix region. Many paid VPN providers have given up on providing consistent Netflix access. What makes you think a free VPN company will have the resources to stay competitive?

There are also hidden expenses that come with free VPN services, such as the cost of your online privacy. Many free services keep their servers running by tracking your internet activities and selling that valuable information to the highest bidder.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To change the Netflix country you are currently viewing, you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to appear as if you are accessing Netflix from a different country. Using a VPN to access Netflix content that is not available in your country may violate Netflix's terms of service.

Choose a VPN provider with servers in the country you want to access Netflix from. Download and install the VPN software on your device. Connect to a server in the desired country. Open the Netflix app or visit the Netflix website. If you are not automatically redirected to the Netflix catalog for your selected country, log out of your Netflix account and then log back in. You should now be able to browse and watch titles from the Netflix library for the country you selected.

You need VPN for Netflix because Netflix uses geo-blocking to restrict access to its movies and all the other content based on the user's location. This means that not all TV shows and movies are available in all countries. People use VPNs to access Netflix content that's not available in their region. Nowadays the problem is that Netflix actively blocks most VPNs. So the fact is that using a VPN may allow you to access more content on Netflix, but there's no guarantee that it will work.
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