Best VPN for Gambling

Best VPNs for Gambling 2022

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Best VPN for Gambling

Online gambling is one of the best and readily available leisure activities. With just a smartphone, you can play all the games you like or place bets on your favorite sports.

However, if you are traveling abroad, don’t be surprised to find your favorite online gambling or betting site blocked. In many countries, including some US states like Utah and Hawaii, online gambling is illegal.

But with a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, you can easily bypass these blocks and gain complete access to your online gambling site. A VPN masks your IP address, encrypts your internet activity, and connects you to a server in the location you want.

By so doing, it makes it look like you are in that particular location, thereby giving you access to a gaming website.

Unfortunately, not all VPNs are reliable in regard to unblocking online gaming. That’s why we had to do research on the best gambling VPN service providers.

Here’s a more detailed look.

How to access geo-blocked gambling sites using the best VPN for gambling

Before we take a deep dive on how to spoof your geographic location using a gambling VPN, make sure that you are not breaking any local or national laws by visiting the gambling sites. Understanding the difference between a geo-blocked but legal gambling site, and an illegal platform is crucial.

For instance, we advise against VPN gambling in countries like the UAE. This could land you in serious trouble with the authorities.

Once you establish that you are not flouting any laws by VPN gambling, follow this step-by-step guide on how to access your favorite betting site from anywhere:

  • Select a good VPN with enough server locations and a strong record of unblocking regulated sites, and subscribe.
  • Download and install the VPN app on your computer or mobile device. Make sure the device in which you install the VPN is the same gadget you use for gambling.
  • Open the app and clear all the cookies in your browser.
  • Log into your VPN account and select the VPN server location where you usually access the gambling platform. For example, if you usually access the site in Canada, set Canada as your preferred server location.
  • Once the VPN server connects, you can open the gambling site you want and play as you wish.
  • In case of connection problems, change the VPN protocol or adjust other settings. If this doesn’t work, you should reach out to the support team.

What casinos/sportsbooks allow VPN gambling?

Nowadays, you will never find a casino or sportsbook that permits VPN gambling, at least not a real money casino. In fact, some can even close your account permanently once they detect VPN usage in your account.

Even so, some online gambling sites are quite VPN-friendly. However, even for these, you need a strong VPN service to unblock any restrictions.

To find out which betting sites are VPN-friendly, we went through the terms and conditions of several major gambling sites. We also clarified with the support team whenever there was a need.

Some of the VPN-friendly gambling sites include:

  • Sportsbet
  • Cloudbet
  • Rocket
  • Nitrogen

Overall, most casinos and sportsbooks prohibit VPNs. So, you need the best VPN for online gambling to circumvent these prohibitions.

You’ll also need a strong internet connection when VPN gambling. Usually, slow connections may cause VPN instability, which in turn reduces its work efficiency.

But if you can get, and install, the best VPN for gambling on your router, such instabilities will be minimal. Essentially, anything short of reliable can lead to the closure of your gaming account.

How we rank the best VPN for gambling

VPNs are different, so they definitely can’t offer exactly the same services. Furthermore, some are much better than others in more than one dimension.

In addition, some VPNs are more suitable for specific platforms compared to their competitors. Generally, there are tens of gambling VPNs to choose from.

For this reason, finding the best one can be a daunting task. If you are thinking of choosing one at random, you may need to re-evaluate your decision since some VPNs lack all the features necessary to gamble safely.

Lucky for you, here at, we will reduce the hassle for you. We have narrowed down the list so that you can choose only the best VPN for gambling.

In order to rank the best VPN for gambling, we looked at a range of features in every VPN. We can’t rely on mere instinct or unverified reviews, so we had to find out ourselves.

To find the best VPN for gambling, we based our research on different criteria. One dimension may not always give the whole picture, so we observed the following.

Number of servers in different countries

The demand for online gambling has rapidly increased, driving VPN service providers to increase their servers in different locations. This is necessary to cater to the whole clientele base without interrupting the quality of service.

The best VPN for online gambling should provide many server locations. So, those with more server locations have an upper hand in our ranking.

Security measures put in place

Besides unblocking gaming sites, the best VPN for gambling should help protect your privacy. Therefore, we looked at the security approach of every VPN service, including encryption algorithms and DNS leak protection.

However, not all VPNs offer the full range of security features. Therefore, we tested them to make sure we only recommend the most reliable VPN for online gambling.

Connectivity speed

Since you want to place your wagers quickly, speed is of the essence. And if you are a live gamer, high speed is crucial for your entertainment.

Our team of experts always tests VPN speeds to find the best VPN for gambling. Obviously, those with higher speeds have an edge over their competitors.

Range of platforms

Online gambling is unsurprisingly diversified. You can place wagers via either a mobile gaming console or a desktop computer.

For this reason, you need a gambling VPN that accommodates all these platforms. Most importantly, the VPN should never be based on operating systems.

For a gambling VPN to rank high on our list, it should provide a range of apps on different platforms. Both desktop and mobile gamers should have at least one option each.

Ease of use

Even with the best security protocols, a gambling VPN may not be the best if users have a hard time using it. As a gambler, you need quick connections so that you can jump into action on your favorite games.

If the gambling VPN proves hard to use, you won’t be satisfied as a user. Therefore, you need a VPN with a neat layout and easily accessible menus.

Whatever action you need to perform, the VPN provider should provide an easy way to do that. That’s what we look for in a gambling VPN.

Log policy

Security and privacy are some key aspects of a gambling VPN. Since the online gambling space is closely monitored, your internet activity on such sites will most likely be monitored.

But with the best VPN for gambling, all your internet traffic will be encrypted without keeping any records. So, your internet service provider, or any other party won’t be able to monitor your online activity.

This is also an area we pay close attention to. All our recommended VPNs for gambling have a stringent no-log policy.

Customer support

Often, you may encounter hiccups when finding your way around a gaming VPN. That’s why knowledgeable and timely customer service is necessary.

The best VPN for gambling should offer adequate customer support via a wide range of platforms. Some even offer multilingual support, which gives them an upper hand.

Benefits of using the best VPN for gambling

There’s a myth that VPNs slow down the user’s internet connection. This has made some gamblers a little skeptical about using these VPNs.

However, while this may be true, the best VPN for online gambling won’t reduce your internet speed. In fact, it may sometimes increase the speed depending on your internet service provider.

Before you become reluctant about using a VPN for gambling, have a look at some of the benefits.

Unblock games that are restricted in your country

As a gambler, you most probably have preferences when it comes to gaming options. Unfortunately, your favorite game may be unavailable in the country you’re playing from.

That’s where a VPN comes in. With the best VPN for gambling, you can easily mask your IP address and make it look like you are playing from a different country.

All you have to do is open your VPN application and select a server from another country, where that particular game is available.

Access any gaming website from anywhere in the world

As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you can access whichever gaming site you want. A VPN can remove all the imposed restrictions, thereby giving you access to the site.

Ensure privacy and confidentiality when playing online

Top gambling VPNs have robust security features that protect your online presence as long as you are connected. The best ones even have a no-logs policy that ensures your data is always confidential.

Protection from cyberattacks

Most gambling websites are usually secure, but this doesn’t mean hackers cannot find their way in. Luckily, with the best VPN for gambling, you can prevent such attacks.

Staying within the law when using the best VPN for gambling

Gambling is usually highly regulated in many countries. Each one has its own approach, so the laws vary greatly.

In fact, the rules around online gambling are usually complex. Some countries, like the UAE, even ban all kinds of online gambling.

Furthermore, some countries ban both VPNs and gambling. This may be due to religious, political, or social aspects of the country.

In addition, betting companies have specific rules concerning how you use their sites. So it’s wise to check both the state laws where you are and the rules imposed by the bookie you want to use.

Usually, gambling sites are blocked in countries that outlaw online gambling. So, although the best VPN for gambling may help you work around the restrictions, you may be at loggerheads with the authority once you are caught.

That’s why you shouldn’t try VPN gambling in such countries.

Also, if the casino or sportsbook is strictly against VPN gambling, it’s wise not to use one. And if you must, make sure you use only the best VPN for gambling.

To find out about such rules, check the site’s terms and conditions. Don’t just skim through the page, read every detail to avoid surprises later.

We also acknowledge the fact that some gambling sites don’t have VPN gambling rules in their terms and conditions. In such a case, you can use the support options available to get an answer.

Tips for using the best VPN for online gambling

While some online gambling sites aren’t troubled by gamblers who use VPNs, others are. Some even use detection mechanisms to find out if you are connected to any VPN server.

As such, you need to be careful even when using the best VPN for online gambling. If your VPN activity is detected, you risk losing your account.

Here are a few tips to avoid such an occurrence:

  • Avoid “free” VPNs
  • Ensure you pay your VPN bills on time to avoid disruptions
  • Set up your VPN on a router so that all the devices in your home can use it without installation on individual devices.
  • Learn how to use the best VPN for gambling effectively. Some offer extra security features that you should know about.

Final thoughts

In summary, you can access your favorite casino from anywhere without restrictions. However, you need to use the best VPN for online gambling to do so.

Any sub-standard gambling VPN may not provide exactly what you want. That’s why you should ensure the VPN service has safety and security features, reliable speeds, and many server locations.

Where there are state laws or casino-specific rules against VPN gambling, avoid using a VPN. You may use the best VPN for online gambling, but your gaming account will be at stake.