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VPN’s are used for many reasons. Sometimes it can be a bit confusing and one might wonder which one to choose. We are here to help you go through the reasons of why you should get a VPN and which one would suit you the best.

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The interest in VPN services is growing, and rightly so. People are concerned about their privacy, and many are looking for ways to overcome geo-restrictions on the Internet. The good news is that you can find many VPN services, but the bad one is that not all of them are good. 

To help you find the best VPN services, we have created this guide which covers all essential aspects of VPN usage and reveals the best options for specific categories of users. Let’s begin!

How vpn works

How to know what VPN service to use?

A few things can help users identify the VPN of choice. First and foremost, the answer depends on their needs. You must know why you want to use a VPN service in the first place. Is it to protect your privacy and anonymity? Do you want to unblock specific sites and services? Are you downloading torrents?

Once you know the answer, it will be easier to search for an option that suits you. Still, you must spend a lot of time on this activity since there are dozens of VPN services, and this is where our guide and website come into play. We rate every VPN provider based on several important factors (speed, number of servers, cost, security, etc.) and categorize them in terms of their usefulness for specific needs. 

What are VPNs used for?

People use VPNs for many reasons. For example, many want to hide their online activity and keep their privacy. It’s not that they are doing something illegal – they want to prevent unauthorized data collection and becoming victims of fraud or targeted marketing campaigns. This also prevents authoritarian governments from snooping on your browsing history. 

Of course, many people find bans on torrenting and geo-restrictions of streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ unfair. They use VPNs to mask their IPs and enjoy these platforms. VPNs also add an extra layer of security, preventing hackers from compromising your network. Remember that these are just some of the reasons why people use VPNs.  

Why should I use VPN?

Do you live in a country where some streaming services are unavailable or have limited catalogs? Are you banned from visiting specific sites due to your location? Is downloading torrents in your place considered a grey area? Do you think your ISP (internet service provider) abuses your trust and collects information about your online activity? If the answer to any of these questions is affirmative, you should consider using a VPN service.

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What to look for when choosing a VPN service?

To ensure that you are looking for a good VPN service, you should consider a few things. First, you should check the plans and pricing. Is there a discount for longer commitments? Next, finding an option that accepts various payment methods, including cryptocurrency, would be best. Then there’s the server selection.

The security and privacy policies should be analyzed too. The best VPN services support various devices, another thing on the checklist. Finally, look for information about customer support and streaming quality. Once you have the answers to these questions, you can rest assured that you made the right decision.

Fastest VPN

Speed is not always crucial for VPN users. For instance, they might use this service to mask their IP address when visiting websites. You don’t need the fastest VPN connection to load websites. On the other hand, if you want to stream HD (or even 4K) content on streaming platforms or download torrents as fast as possible, this will play a significant role in your experience.

VPN for Netflix

A few years ago, Netflix expanded its operations across the globe. Still, people outside the United States have very limited catalogs compared to US residents. On the other hand, it’s also possible for some US users to miss content found in other countries. With the help of the best VPN for Netflix, you can resolve these issues.

VPN for Chrome

Google Chrome is still the most popular web browser on the market regardless of the type of device you are using to access the Internet – smartphone, laptop, desktop computer, tablet, etc. If you want to use a Virtual Private Network to browse specific pages on the Internet via Google Chrome, you should look for the best VPN for Chrome. The best options have developed extensions that make this activity more straightforward than ever.

VPN for Gaming

Bandwidth throttling is an unfair policy used by many internet service providers to make gamers reduce Internet usage. They target their IPs automatically, and this is where the best VPN for gaming comes into the picture. Remember that they can also help you prevent hacking attacks, DDoS attacks, and geo-restrictions or join otherwise unreachable gaming servers. Several VPN services can make gamers happy, including NordVPN, CyberGhost, and ExpressVPN.

VPN for Gambling

Online gambling is becoming a legal activity in more countries every year. Still, gamblers in some parts of the world are not allowed to use the Internet for this purpose. In other cases, they can play casino games legally, but they can’t use specific bonuses due to geo-restrictions. Thanks to the best VPN for gambling, these problems belong to the past. To ensure you get the most from this service, check the list of servers in different countries. Focus on providers that let you use servers in gambling-friendly countries like the UK or Malta. 

VPN for Privacy

One of the main reasons why people use VPNs is to protect their privacy. It’s surprising how many parties are interested in revealing your identity and online behavior. For instance, many governments across the globe want to know what you are doing on the Internet. The same goes for ISPs, which usually sell this information to marketing agencies. Your activity might be targeted by hackers who will then try to steal your identity or abuse information. Most experts agree that the best VPN services for privacy can help you avoid such problems.

VPN for Streaming

It’s not just Netflix that applies geo-restrictions to its users. The same goes for popular platforms like Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, and others. They are not available in all countries, and many of them have specific content tailored to the countries where they are present. With a good VPN service provider for streaming, you will unlock the restricted regions and enjoy the content – TV shows and movies. When choosing a VPN for streaming, check the connection speed, server number, unlocked streaming services, and mobile compatibility.

VPN for Torrenting

Various platforms have made torrenting a bit outdated. However, many people still use torrents to download the files they need. Torrenting is an activity that’s illegal in most countries due to copyright laws. The best VPN services for torrenting will protect your identity and keep you safe from the authorities while downloading your favorite TV series, movies, albums, and other files. They will help you save a solid download/upload ratio which will help you get maximum speeds even on torrent sites that you can join only with the help of an invitation. 

VPN for business

In addition to individuals, some businesses might benefit from VPN services. The VPN services for enterprises will protect your company servers, especially when remote workers have access. Your in-house team will help, knowing that accessing web-based applications, databases, and software is safe from hackers and scammers since VPNs provide users an extra layer of protection. Many providers know that businesses are looking for such services, and they have special deals for this category of users. When looking for a VPN for business, you shouldn’t settle for less – look for the best ones on the market.

Free VPN Services

Truth be told, even an average VPN service is better than the best free VPN. Still, they might be a good option if you need to mask your IP address just once or you don’t need a server in a specific country. The same goes for the level of protection and speed. When discussing free VPN services, it’s crucial to remember that some of them might collect and sell your browsing data to other companies or expose you to ads and marketing campaigns. That’s why we created a list of the best free VPN services that don’t employ such shady practices.

VPN for crypto trading

Buying and selling cryptocurrency should not be an activity that is monitored by your ISP or the government. After all, the whole point of crypto is to protect users’ privacy and anonymity. Still, when you are involved in such transactions on popular crypto trading websites, uninvited third parties like the internet service provider or various governmental bodies and agencies can monitor this activity. With the best VPN for crypto trading, you can rest assured that you will be safe only when trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or another cryptocurrency.

VPN for multiple devices

It’s not uncommon for modern households to use several devices to access the Internet. Most of them use desktop/laptop computers and tablets, and smartphones. However, some people use gaming consoles and TVs. If you belong to a household like this, it’s a good idea to look for the best VPN for multiple devices. The best options among them will let you use the VPN service on multiple devices of a single household simultaneously. Don’t forget that their original IP address should typically be the same.

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